Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday...

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Hmmm... yummy... the cake looks gorgeously tempting. Sent together with wishes, "Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki. Semoga sentiasa mendapat keberkatan dari Ilahi." Yes, it's a bithday cake... but not for a 5-year-old kid (as represented by the 5 cute candles), it's for our 44-year-old determined-yet-friendly boss. (Not enough space to put all 44 candles on it.. huhuhu).

The cake was sent to Kota Damansara, and today En. Sapri was at UIA Gombak monitoring plumbing project there. He'd only be back at late evening. Rather than leaving the cake unattended and losing it's original fresh taste, we gave it's large portion to the nearest mamak stall (selalu lepak sana minum teh tarik) and we finished the rest.

"TQ.. but I won't be back. Pls finish the cake. It's not 'bout the cake. It's 'bout the wishes & the thoughts. And all the cooperation that u guys have given me. TQ," said En. Sapri, as he continued drilling, and the drill machine roared louder.

It's true.. it's not the cake. It's the wishes & the thoughts that counts most.

"Happy Birthday"

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